Art Camp

Mindfulness Through Art at Beach Therapy and Consulting 

Looking for an activity to safely engage in while social distancing over the summer due to COVID-19? Are you looking for a way to spend all your extra time at home? Are you finding yourself or your child bored, anxious, and stressed trying to find new ways of being in the world? Our Mindfulness Through Art camp, currently only offered through Zoom, may be a good fit for you!

There is an increasing amount of research that shows mindfulness training with children and adolescents has a positive effect on health and wellness, which includes decreasing stress and anxiety, social-emotional learning, emotional regulation, resiliency, and learning effective coping skills. This program offered at Beach Therapy and Consulting has been adapted from the Mindful Art Program created by Dr. Laury Rappaport and Emily Tara Weiner. The Mindful Art Program incorporates mindfulness and Focusing-Oriented Arts Therapy (FOAT), developed by Rappaport (2009). More information about the Mindful Art Program can be found here:


Camp Content

Participants in each group will learn fundamental mindfulness skills, such as acceptance of oneself and showing compassion toward oneself and others through the use of art materials. Participants will also learn tools for stress reduction and relaxation. The general structure of the group includes a meditation exercise, art making, voluntary art sharing, verbal processing, and clean up. The group will meet consecutively for five days meeting the same time each day. Length of time depends on the age group. Planned breaks will be incorporated throughout the group. Please see below for more information.



Ages 9-11: July 6th – 10th 2020

9:00am – 10:30am
Cost $100
Registration Deadline is July 3rd


Ages 12-14: July 20th – 24th 2020

9:00 am – 11:00am
Cost $110
Registration Deadline is July 13th


Ages 14-18: August 3rd – 7th 2020

9:00 am – 11:30am
Cost $125
Registration Deadline is July 27th


Registration and Art Supplies

Please call the office 757-340-6100 or email to register or find out more information. Age appropriate art supplies will be provided with registration. Each kit includes a journal, various art papers, various glues, fabric, string/yarn, collage supplies, ephemera, gems, scissors, oil pastels, markers, pens, and a mesh bag for storage. Older participants ages 14-18 will also receive watercolor paint tubes, paint brushes, and a palette in their kits. On the first day of camp, participants will be emailed a Zoom link to access the group for the week.


Payment will be due in full 7 days prior to the first day of the camp. 

Registration Deadline

The deadline to register will be the Monday before camp starts. 



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Weiner, E. T. & Rappaport L. (2014). Mindfulness and focusing-oriented arts therapy with children and adolescents, In L. Rappaport (Ed.). Mindfulness and the arts therapies: Theory and practice. Philadelphia, PA: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.