Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Friends and Family

This DBT Family Skills Training (DBT-FST) group adaptation is a family program.  Through a series of twelve sessions, family members and partners will learn skills to better cope and support their loved one struggling with emotional dysregulation.  It is based on the work of Perry Hoffman, Alan Fruzzetti, Marsha Linehan, and Shari Manning.

The program has four goals:

  1. To educate family members on different aspects of BPD,
  2. To teach family members communication styles that create and maintain a mutually validating environment,
  3. To help family members become less judgmental toward each other,
  4. To provide a safe forum where friends and family members can discuss issues that occur with their family like self-destructive thoughts and behaviors, feelings of rejection, anger, sadness, and suicidal thoughts

These classes provide friends, family members or partners with the skills to better cope and support their loved one who struggles with BPD. Each FST series runs for 12 sessions with a slight break in between series. Members can join in at any session.

DBT-FST group is self pay only. Space is limited so please call the office to reserve a space.