About Us

Our Mission

To provide psychotherapy treatment in a collaborative, caring, and supportive environment that invites patients into the counseling process.

To provide quality training for clinicians to nurture the development of counseling skills and effective clinical practice.

To provide supervision to assist clinicians in enhancing clinical development and achieve the next level of skill in managing complex clients.

To provide personalized consultation to organizations to problem solve and enhance their clinical services to reach their organizational goals.


We don’t know what brought you to our website page today- maybe a friend referred you or your doctor- maybe you have been looking for the “right fit” in a practice to get you one step closer to calling to make an appointment. Many people looking for counseling or help “look” for a while until they are ready to make a commitment. It is hard for many people to believe that what they are going through or suffering from is treatable. 

At Beach Therapy, we have been listening to patients regarding their experiences, frustrations, and concerns at other counseling and psychiatric practices, not just about clinical issues, but about their experience in waiting rooms, beginning as a new patient, and the general practice environment. We have learned that the environment in which we create a therapeutic relationship is meant to be understood from your perspective. We want our patients to have a different and more comfortable therapy experience; one that inspires a sense of peace and an environment in which growth and change can occur. 

We believe that treatment starts with the first phone call where the person who answers the phone is knowledgeable in mental health. That is why we have clinical residents in social work and counseling triage every new patient call. They spend 15-20 minutes listening and taking notes to identify the clinician that will be the best fit for you. Not every therapist specializes in everything and there are some areas that we may not be able to help. We will do an initial assessment and make a recommendation within the first four sessions. If we do not believe we can be of assistance, we will explore other treatment options. We offer personalized treatment where we get to know our clients and join their medical team – joining for us means we stay in contact with your medical professionals if you are willing. We will contact your PCM, your PCP, or your pediatrician, psychiatrist, or whomever is necessary for your treatment. But most of all we believe in your freedom to choose the treatment option you can make a commitment to. 

Our goal is to help you reach your goal: of healing, of obtaining answers as what is going on with you, to teach new ways to view and manage your symptoms, and ultimately to help support you in learning to make the changes necessary in your life to lead a life worth living.