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Commonly Asked Questions

We accept most major insurances including Tricare, Anthem, Optima, United Health Care, Medicare, Magellan, Humana, Beacon, and On Track as well as others.

You have the opportunity to see our licensed clinicians at self-pay rates. We also have residents on staff to be seen at a reduced self-pay rate.

We participate in some EAPs. Please call our office to confirm we accept your EAP or if we current availability.

Our clinicians provide individual, marital, and family therapy. We have clinicians that utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Children (DBT-C), Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) , EMDR, and DBT Prolonged Exposure (DBT-PE) as well as traditional Prolonged Exposure (PE).

We offer services for depression, anxiety disorders including OCD, panic, social anxiety, school anxiety, phobias, PTSD as well as complex trauma, suicidal ideation and/or self-harm, borderline personality disorder, ADHD, school and conduct problems, adjustment difficulties, anger management, co-occurring substance abuse, military-related issues, Asperger’s (Autism Spectrum Disorder), post-partum issues, women’s issues, grief and loss, family and relationship problems.

Yes, we have a limited number of clinicians that specialize in family and couples counseling. Our couples counselors utilize the Gottman approach. All couples/marital counseling is self pay only as it is not a covered service through the insurance.

No, we only offer a fully adherent DBT program, meaning we provide all 4 treatment components of individual therapy, DBT skills training, phone coaching, and DBT consultation team. We do not offer DBT skills groups to individuals outside of the program.

Yes, at times. We typically have 3-6 clinical assistants that are completing their residency hours with us seeking licensure. This position combines administrative and clinical responsibilities. We provide licensure supervision for LCSW, LPC, LMFT, and CSAC.

Questions for Practice Referrals:

Click on the URL for the Docusign referral form. You will provide your name and email and complete the form. Once completed, our office will receive an email indicating there is a referral on the Docusign website and a second copy link will go to you, the provider’s email, for the file copy. One of our clinical assistants will contact the patient and keep your office informed if we are unable to schedule an appointment.

Reminder that we DO NOT PROVIDE MEDICATION MANAGEMENT or psychological testing.

Questions for DBT Referrals:

Our DBT program services adults and adolescents 13 and older. We offer a specialized DBT for Children ages 8-12. We accept individuals who have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety, and a history of trauma as well as those that have co-occurring Substance abuse. This includes individuals recently discharged from the hospital, have a history of suicide attempts, active suicidal ideation, active self-harming, substance abuse, and binge eating disorder. We currently do not offer the adaptation for Anorexia Nervosa nor do we offer treatment for Schizophrenia.

The first step is to call the office and get onto the wait list. The front desk staff will schedule a phone intake with one of our clinical assistants. Anyone under the age of 18 must have their legal guardian complete the phone intake. Anyone 18 or older must complete their own intake, with the exception of cases with power of attorney.

The phone intake will allow the clinical assistant to gather information so that they can match the individual with a DBT clinician who will best meet their needs. It is not uncommon for there to be a waitlist ranging from several weeks to several months.

We accept the following major insurances: Optima Commercial Plans, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Healthkeepers, and United Health Care.

At this time Medicare, Tricare, and Medicaid plans are not accepted for the DBT program. We are not in the network for Cigna or Aetna Commercial.

We also have self-pay rates and there is some limited availability to work with a clinical assistant at a reduced rate.

The DBT program begins with a 4 session evaluation. The goals of the evaluation are to:
1) Assess the client diagnostically including for any trauma
2) Orient the client to the treatment goals and identify treatment targets
3) Make a treatment recommendation with the client
4) Allow for the client to review the contract and make an informed choice in treatment.

We are a DBT adherent program meaning we offer the 4 components of DBT treatment: individual therapy, group therapy, phone coaching, and consultation team.

Treatment includes: weekly individual sessions, weekly group skills training lasting 1 ½ hours, phone coaching, and consultation team.

We offer an adult group, young adult group, and a multifamily skills group for adolescents.

The adolescent group requires at least one parent to attend. The parent must complete an assessment and sign a treatment contract for the group only prior to joining.

There is a monthly program fee to cover the cost of Phone Coaching and Consultation Team services that cannot be billed to insurance outside of Anthem/BC products.

Our DBT program does not target individuals diagnosed with primary anorexia or active psychosis or schizophrenia. A primary diagnosis of substance abuse must be evaluated to determine whether outpatient is an appropriate level of care.

Yes. This allows the clinician to stay within the framework of DBT to provide full benefit of treatment.

Yes. We can mail brochures as requested, however, there are no digital copies available. Please see the website on DBT for more programming information. Our clinical assistants are available to answer questions about the program.

You may also send a faxed referral form to (757) 340-6300. Anyone interested in the program may also send an email to requesting a phone call from one of our clinical assistants.

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