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Telehealth Services:

Beach Therapy & Consulting provides Telehealth services to current and new patients in order to continue access to therapy. This opportunity allows us to provide counseling and therapeutic services for individuals in Virginia who previously were not able to attend in-person sessions due to health concerns or transportation issues.

The term telehealth encompasses therapeutic services conducted over videoconferencing platforms. Telehealth is often interchanged with other terms, such as telepsychology, telebehavioral health and telemental health.

Telehealth is when treatment is provided through technology such as a phone call or a video conference. Patients and their clinicians are physically in different locations and conduct their therapy sessions over a secure online platform, which includes audio and video. Generally, video can be provided by a computer or laptop webcamera, or a tablet (iPad) or smart phone camera. Beach Therapy & Consulting provides telehealth via video conferencing through the online platform, Zoom for Healthcare.

Beach Therapy & Consulting clinicians are licensed in the state of Virginia, which allows therapy sessions to be reimbursed through insurance or self-pay when the patient is physically present in the state of Virginia. Telehealth services can only be utilized when patients are present in Virginia. For example, if a patient resides in North Carolina and requests telehealth services with Beach Therapy & Consulting, we are unable to provide therapy for them as they are physically present in NC.

Most insurance providers are currently covering Telehealth services following after COVID-19. When you decide to seek telehealth services, contact your insurance company to request information about covered services.

If you do not have insurance, another option is to self-pay for telehealth. There are two options to consider: You may see a licensed clinician at their self-pay rates (see the clinician informed consent documents in the “staff” section for specific clinician self-pay rates); You may see a resident in counseling or supervisee in social work for a reduced self-pay fee. Contact the main number and request information regarding availability.

Please call us at 757-340-6100 to schedule your appointment today. Our clinical assistants will guide you through the process via a telephone intake to see which clinician will best meet your needs and answer any other questions about the process of starting treatment.

When you decide to pursue therapy through telehealth, you will need to review and sign an informed consent for telehealth and therapeutic services. New patient paperwork will be sent via a HIPAA compliant service to your email and must be completed prior to your first session. You will use a secure video conferencing platform (Zoom for Healthcare) and connect with your clinician. Links to access the session will be sent via email or text message the day of your appointment.

Telehealth services can be a different experience and may not be for everyone. However, following the COVID-19 pandemic, many who might shy away from telehealth are learning to become comfortable with continuing therapy with this medium. If you are concerned about telehealth and how to maintain therapy, our clinical assistants can help walk you through the process.

If you have any other questions about the process of telehealth please contact our office at 757-340-6100.

Read about The No Surprise Act here.

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