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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Children

What is DBT-C?

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for pre-adolescent children (DBT-C) is an intervention developed to treat children with severe emotional and behavioral dysregulation developed by Francheska Perepletchikova, PhD, DBT-Linehan Board Certified Clinician. It has been adapted from standard model DBT for adults. DBT-C adds an extensive parent training component to the model that emphasizes many of the standard adult DBT skills and didactics into the curriculum. However, DBT-C teaches parents all the skills the child learns plus effective contingency management and validation techniques.

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What are the Goals of DBT-C?

The main goals of DBT-C are to:

  1. Teach parents how to create validating and change ready environment to help them become coaches for their child during treatment and after therapy is completed
  2. Teach parents and their children effective coping and problem-solving skills
  3. Help parents instill in their children senses of self-love, safety and belonging.

In DBT-C the immediate goal is focusing on helping the parents create a change-ready environment. The target hierarchy is divided into subcategories which include:

  • Decrease current severe psychopathology and risk of psychopathology in the future
  • Decrease life threatening behaviors of the child
  • Decrease therapy destroying behaviors of the child
  • Decrease therapy interfering behaviors of the parents
  • Improve parental emotion regulation
  • Teach effective parenting techniques
  • Target the parent-child relationship
  • Improve the parent-child relationship
  • Target the child’s presenting quality of life and therapy interfering behaviors
  • Decrease risky, unsafe, and aggressive behaviors
  • Decrease quality of life interfering behaviors, provide skills training
  • Decrease therapy-interfering behavior of a child
alt_What Should We Expect with DBT-C?

What Should We Expect with DBT-C?

Similar to standard DBT, DBT-C treatment services consist of weekly co-parenting, weekly skills training, phone coaching, and DBT consultation team.

To learn more about DBT-C and to see if you and your child are a good fit, please call us at 757-340-6100.

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