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Pre-Licensure Training Program

About Our Pre-Licensure Training Program

Beach Therapy & Consulting provides a unique pre-licensure residency program through our Clinical Assistant position and is ideal for individuals interested in pursuing private practice post-residency. Our program is tailored to cultivate skills in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and trauma-informed care. With a balance of 50% administrative and 50% clinical work, it transitions towards a final year heavily focused on clinical work, constituting 80%.

As our practice focuses on evidence-based treatment, the residency enables you to explore and enhance your clinical interests— be it child and adolescent therapy, family therapy, substance abuse, trauma, or Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). We welcome 2-4 residents each year, with 2-6 working at a time. We also provide fulfilling training opportunities and reimburse up to 50% of your training costs.


Residency Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in counseling, clinical mental health, art therapy, or social work
  • Carried/facilitated a client load through clinical internships or other experience
  • Proficient computer skills in Mac, Word, and Excel
  • Ability to organize space and prioritize and complete tasks on time
  • Ability to be flexible and accept feedback as an opportunity for growth
  • Interest in trauma-informed care and evidence-based practices
  • Passion for providing trauma-informed care

What a Resident Can Expect

  • Training in evidence-based practice (CBT and a line of training based on direct area of interest)
  • Learning clinical triaging, case conceptualization, diagnosis and treatment planning, and effective clinical intervention
  • High levels of feedback through group supervision and weekly individual supervision
  • In office role play and training to increase skill levels- all sessions are recorded for review
  • Marketing
  • Networking and collaborating with area therapists and doctors
  • Free licensure supervision (LPC, LMFT, CSAC, LCSW)

Program Timeline


Year 1

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Once hired, the resident enters a probationary period to assess if the job and the practice environment are a good fit. After the probationary period ends, the resident becomes eligible for package benefits, which include disability, medical, life insurance, 401K, and dental, subject to the standard waiting period.

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During the initial months, the resident prioritizes administrative tasks and familiarizing themselves with the practice operations. This includes learning how to verify insurance benefits, understanding CPT codes and front-end billing, identifying and assessing clinical needs via phone intakes, triaging patients to clinicians with appropriate skill sets, and managing daily office organization.

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The resident develops their clinical assessment skills through phone intakes and observing sessions with licensed clinicians. The resident also begins training in CBT webinar courses to build a theoretical foundation. Once proficient in clinical assessment and has role-played multiple case scenarios, the resident begins to construct a clinical caseload, facilitates their own individual sessions, and starts weekly individual supervision.

Year 2

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Year 2

After adjusting to building and managing a caseload, the resident continues to develop their clinical identity by exploring clinical interests with the goal of eventual specialization in these areas. Weekly group and individual supervision are mandatory, as well as monthly training and role-play attendance.

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In the second half of the residency, the resident prepares for licensure. This involves studying for the licensure exam while continuing to attend training in areas of interest and specialization. Once the resident has completed the required residency hours, passed the relevant exam, and applied for licensure, they start exploring options to transition out of the Clinical Assistant role and join the practice as a full-time clinician.

How To Apply

Apply for the Clinical Assistant position by submitting a cover letter resume with three references to

For more information, please contact
or call the office at 757-340-6100.

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