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Our Treatment Approach

Since the pandemic, so many of our children, teens and young adults are struggling in ways we could never have imagined. Assessment is key here at Beach Therapy & Consulting to determine the source of the issue and best fit evidenced-based treatment match. Case management and care coordination services are available on an as needed basis.

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Child and Adolescent Case Management and Coordination

Strengthen the treatment plan for your child or adolescent by allowing our treatment providers to assist and support you outside of the office environment. Our treatment providers can:

  • Assist you in coordinating with external environments such as the school, court, and other treatment providers.
  • Attend certain external meetings such as Child Study Meeting, 504, IEP and Disciplinary hearings.
  • Write letters to court or for other specific treatment purposes.

Case Management services can be billed to certain insurances and will have out of pocket costs for the majority.

Connect with a Specialist

Here are some of the common concerns we hear from parents looking for treatment:

My child does not want to go to school

Avoidance can be a sign of anxiety. Evaluation for CBT for Anxiety is a place to start

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His parents have recently separated and there has been conflict in the home

Conflict at home can create a difficult adjustment when a parent leaves and possibly create a traumatic situation

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My child has ADHD and we are struggling at school and at home

Education on ADHD of both child and parents as well as CBT for ADHD are effective options

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My child has been withdrawing from his friends and just seems so down

Depression impacts children and teens too. Evaluation and CBT for depression can be effective

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My daughter just told me about an incident when she was younger of sexual abuse

Trauma treatment for all ages are available and they work to resolve the anxiety disorder

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My child has been struggling with bullying at school and it is impacting their mood

Evaluation for trauma from school bullying is important to effectively treat the impact

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My child recently had a significant loss and the grief is weighing on them

Grief is real and normal however there is a point when intervention is needed. Counseling can be helpful

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My child is self harming and wants to die. We are struggling with how to help them

Our DBT for Children and Adolescents may be an effective option

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My teenager’s mood is all over the place and they threaten to kill themselves at times

Our DBT Program for Adolescents would be an option

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My child will not listen to me. I think they are using drugs

We have multiple professionals that specialize in evaluating for substance abuse and treatment

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My child/parent has medical complexities and I need someone to understand how it impacts all of us

We have professionals that specialize in working with primary physicians and pain doctors

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Take the Next Step

At Beach Therapy & Consulting, our therapists are trained to assess your treatment needs and create your own individualized treatment plan to expedite your healing from whatever mental health issue is giving you difficulty.

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