David M. Savinsky



A guiding theme for my life is that of relationship, and two statements inform this interest. The first is from Irvin Yalom, who instructs, “It is the relationship that heals.” I have experienced the positive aspects of being healed in my own relationships and have seen the immense power of how relationship heals others through therapy and counseling. The second is by the educator Jon Kabat-Zinn, in his definition of mindfulness: “Paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.” Being in relationship with oneself and others requires a focused mind and focused awareness in both the realm of the self and the other. The challenge is to be nonjudgmental and authentic in those interactions.

I have worked in the field of counseling and therapy for over 20 years, working in a myriad of settings including the psychiatric hospital, in-home services and administrative and clinical positions within the group home system with at-risk youth and families. Since 2003, I have been in private practice in Virginia Beach, working as a psychotherapist with adolescents, adults, families, substance abuse, depression, anxiety and additional clinical symptomology.

The challenge of being authentic in treatment is no better represented than treating teenagers and families. In this work, I found my calling. I have been looking for ways patients can find peace, utilizing multiple types of treatment including: individual therapy, groups, and specific work with adolescents and families. My search for effective treatment led to Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to treat teenagers and families. This approach has integrated well in how I understand relationships and how to develop peace by utilizing mindfulness.

In March of 2015 I completed a 2-year Intensive Training Program in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. I currently am the team leader for our unique local consultation team, which includes Beach Therapy & Consulting clinicians and clinicians-in-training. I currently co-facilitate one of the Adolescent Multi-Family DBT Skills Group. 

I am an Associate Professor and the Clinical Training Coordinator for the Master’s and Doctoral Counseling Programs at Regent University. I see adults and teenagers over age 13 at our Beach Therapy location. I currently work with clients that may struggle with depression, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, self-harming and suicidal behaviors, family chaos and conflict, substance abuse, and family of origin issues. Due to my teaching demands, I have limited clinical availability at Beach Therapy & Consulting. 

I am available as a clinical supervisor for licensure for LPC, LMFT, and CSAC. I provide expert consultation and supervision to group homes, treatment programs, colleges, and outside organization in a wide range of topics and travel across the country to train and present. I enjoy teaching and training in the areas of substance abuse and DBT as well as mindfulness and emerging adulthood. Please click here to view our consultation page for more information. 


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, adolescents ages 13 and up, adults, families, substance abuse, adolescent & young adult addiction, depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder,  emotional dysregulation, family of origin issues, and additional clinical symptomology

Education & Licensure

B.A. Psychology, Sociology, Virginia Wesleyan College
M.A. Community /Clinical Psychology, Norfolk State University
Ph.D Counselor Education & Supervision, Regent University
Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Certified Substance Abuse Counselor
Approved Clinical Supervisor
Intensively Trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (2015)
Intensively Trained in Prolonged Exposure (PE) Protocol in DBT